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Boxer, a cute figurine on the subject of pets, dogs, carefully painted by hand and modeled very realistically. The French Bulldog, “the best friend of man” will accompany your child in his adventure and imagination … Papo figurines will quickly become the basis of a collection to enrich gradually awakening and finding your child. Papo Figurine Ref: 54006

This small black and white molossoid with a muscular and collected body seems soft and sympathetic. With ears up, he only expects one thing, that his master throws his toy!
The French Bulldog derives its origins from France. It has a powerful body, a large square head and its skin forms almost symmetrical wrinkles. His nose is short, his eyes are round and his lower jaw slightly forward. According to varieties, the French Bulldog may be black and white, fawn and white or sometimes entirely white. He is a happy pet dog, always ready to play with children.

 8.00 cm x 3.00 cm x 5.00 cm (Lxlxh)

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