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Explore the charm and class of the Mercedes-AMG GT with this detailed 1:18 scale model from Bburago Maisto. Metallic black finish and authentic details. A must-have for collectors and luxury car enthusiasts.

The 1:18 scale model of the Mercedes-AMG GT from Bburago Maisto is much more than just a collector’s item. It is a journey into the world of luxury cars, a celebration of the elegance, design and performance that only Mercedes-Benz can offer. The black metallic finish of the model reflects a sense of sophistication and sophistication, capturing the spirit of the real car perfectly. This model is the result of accurate craftsmanship, and every detail has been designed to emulate the size of the model in real size. It is the ideal gift for luxury car enthusiasts and model collectors, offering a part of the prestige and elegance that comes with the property of a real Mercedes-AMG GT. With its high-quality construction and attention to detail, this model is bound to become a valuable element in your collection.

Age: +3 years

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