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There are just as many procedures in modern agricultural soil treatment as there are different types of soil. The treatment procedures include ploughing, seedbed preparation, and sowing. Seedbed preparation can also be performed by using front packers. This type of equipment coarsely levels the soil and prepares it for sowing. LEMKEN is considered a specialist in the production of soil preparation machinery and has a product range that also includes front packers. The model of this machine developed by BRUDER is modelled after the original named VarioPack K. This model can be attached to the front or the rear of BRUDER’s tractors. The packing units are raised for road transport and swivelled by 90° into the vertical position. When combined with the LEMKEN Solitair 9 Art. no. 02026, the front packer offers great possibilities to play for our little farmers: the front packer VarioPack K can be attached to the front of a BRUDER tractor, while the LEMKEN Solitair 9 seedbed combination can be hooked to the back of the same tractor.

automotive body

  • the front packer can be lifted in or out by a lever (operating or transport position)
  • upwards folding packing arms (90°) and catch mechanism in transport position
  • Size 38.0 cm × 15.0 cm × 12.0 cm
  • Colour grey/blue
  • Recommended age from 3 years
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